. Sunday, February 1, 2009
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Feb 6:

TwoDollarPTC : TOS - "This is a revenue sharing site. Each payout period we determined the payout based on percentage of site income divided by how many request payment. So expect to get less then $1 of account balance to your payment processors."

Dingobux : Warning from p.karan jain. "We have added a new balance feature, we now take 50% of your earnings of every click you and your referrals make and place them in a rent balance to redeem for referrals."

CentBux : Site is down. Bought by Cashoutbux admin. Read update Dec 27 for more info on cashoutbux. : I don't think that they will be able to pay 2 cents per click & 2 cents per referral click.

NDBux : Same owner as Ptclickbux which had problems paying.

RadicalBux TOS - "All payments will have a limit for payout( Standard max payout is $15 and premium max payout is $30) and will have a fee for each payment(Maybe $ or advertise)"

Feb 5 :

ToraAds : is back (Thanks jetje37 for the info) They might still be having payment problems. Latest payment shown on their site is Jan 20.

TaketheGlobe : You now need to send in your id to be paid. Not recommended for security reasons. Also, many sites that start doing this tend to disappear soon after. (Thanks Doofus for the info)

KameBux : Not recommended. Using default script. (Thanks Karan for the info)

PPClix : At their forum - " Due to the recent events where it seems we have been a victim of a team of scammers that have deposited large amounts of funds, made some money or played the lottery, cashed out then reversed their initial deposits we are currently facing a few issues because the reversals totaled big amounts in both accounts.To help with the current situation we will be doing the following, alot of you will not like these decisions, we dont even like them, But its either this or we will be forced into an early retirement which we will not see happen! 1. Suspending Compensation: Once the current situation is resolved we will re-instate this. 2. Cashout Delay: We will be implementing cashout delays of 7 days for standard members.3. Cashouts: Temp Disabled
For a few hours at a time we will disable cashouts to help build the account balances up so we can processes requested cashouts."

Feb 4 : : Prelounc. Tidak dijelaskan apakah balance akan kembali 0 atau tetap setelah lounching

ToroAds : Setelah diumumkan bahwa account alertpay di tangguhkan, sepertinya situs menghilang

Feb 3 :

RichClix : standart member harus melakukan verifikasi dan membayar sebesar $2.50. hati-hati.

adsforsale, cashinonads : di jual. forum

UnoBux : kembali online.

CentBux : sekarang sudah di jual. forum

Feb 2 :

MyPTCClicks : baru .

UnoBux : "kami minta maaf, kami sudah sangat serius dengan masalah server waktu unobux dimatikan, server baru akan dipasang pada waktu 48 jam lagi.

ToroAds : Pengumuman, alertpay telah memblokir account kami, sehingga kami tidak dapat mengirim uang. masalah ini akan selesai dalam minggu ini, jadi harap bersabar

CentBux : Members complain that there is only one ad for a few days & it is not clickable., Tidak direkomendasikan, menggunakan domain gratis.

Feb 1 :

PPClix : "menutup pilihan pembayaran dengan alertpay sampai pembangunan situs selesai" pembayaran memnggunakan paypal masih cepat.

5euromails : $5 per click. tidak mungkin membayar.

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